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My ex fucked her boss and I loved it

My ex wife dated her boss for four years. I found out about six months into it. Since he was married, they would come to our house every day during the work week and fuck in our bed. I used to hide...


Bull Shared Me!


Three different men came inside me last night and none of them were my husband.


Cucked by my dad


I caught my girlfriend (who just had turned 18) in bed with my father who fucked her like i never did. i watched and came in my pants when i heard her having orgasm after orgasm and then i saw they di...


once a Cuckold...


My wife fucked my black friend in front of me 20 years ago. I know she liked it because she told me so at the time. She has never cuckolded me since. Even though she knows I want her to. I have tried ...


Cucked and diapered

John stone

Today my wife had her long time friend come over and diaper me before fucking my wife all night. Never been so turned on, came in my diapers so much they started to make fun of me, i loved that so muc...


Levi deliveries


Most people from the chat room know I have a denim fetish and enjoy showing my wife off in tight jeans. As you can probably imagine I buy a lot of jeans for both of us, especially Levis. I often order...


Long Distance Confession

This happened several years ago at the start of our relationship. We're engaged now, met online and decided to try even though we were states away then. One thing we would try is skype with each other...


Innocent Wife Clearly Curious


So the other day, my virtuous, innocent, devout wife, who has only ever had sex with me, was showering I walked by her phone when it chimed. It was her college roommate (Jill), who she had been chat...


hotwife turned escort


recently my wife started escorting on saturday nights and makes me wait in next room while she fucks other guys all night. sometimes they leave the door open so i can watch.


Exposing my unaware wife

Shahid Shaikh

My wife is a very religious muslim. She covers her entire body including her face from other men. She never post any of her pics (even fully dressed pics) anywhere on social media. But i expose her pi...


Diaper sissy cuck

John stone

Last week my wifes friend came over and we had a few drinks, the night went on but at some point in the night i end up on my back, diapered, locked in chastity and fucked by every man there. Thats whe...


Change is the only constant


I used to throw my chest out and call myself a stag. Vehently denied being a "cuckold." For the life of me, I cant remember why any more, lol. I certainly am no sissy, but lets.face.it, I was.born ...


Wife Nude for Another

My wife is 68, 5'2" , 38C around 130 lbs and has a sexy curvy body. Her dermatologist is a good looking young man probably in his mid forties. My wife has told me that during her annual visits she a...


exposing wife when drunk


A couple of years ago I was under the spell of a bull. I'd got drunk and gave him some fairly clear face pics of my innocent wife. He then demanded more, threatening to expose her on the net unless I ...




I had to lick 2 cocks Before they fucked my wife