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I have been asking my wife to have a romantic relationship with another man, and thought I was sick . Then a new co worker 3 months ago started working with her, she told me she has a crush on him, ...



Falling deeper

This all started with me and my self exploration…wanking..porn..realising I was bi..fighting being bi discovering sissy porn..sissy hypno…then finding the love of my life…but discovering cuckold...


Never been happier

Wife and I would sex talk about cucking me for years. About two years ago, she cucked me for the 1st time with a much younger man. In our martial bed. She continued talking to him but they never hook...



I want my wife in a glory hole, so I can watch her drain hung cocks and swallow as much as cum possible



My wife has a fetish for black men but won't admit it. She's quite kinky but she let's social pressures cap her wildness. I'd like to take her to a swingers party. Get her drunk and wild with some dan...


profiting from dissatisfied and needy wives


I confess that I took advantage of the needs of lonely dirty wives who have helpless and pathetic husbands. I started blackmailing a mature married neighbor and to this day I take advantage of married...


I want to be outed

My wife has been cuckolding me with BBCs for seven years. Over this time she has enjoyed several men and has had deeply satisfying sexual experiences. She also has several extremely sexy girlfriends w...




My name is how you could contact me via Snapchat during this time of the chat room being down. I confess I’ve missed you guys saving my wife’s pics. I live for it. Porn isn’t enough. I’m c...


Pregnant wife

I confess that I miss exposing my pregnant wife on the chat.


I exposed her at work

I let a guy I work with look through her pics on my phone while I suck his dick. It’s happened about a dozen times and I can’t say no to him.


I want to take BBC

Little One

I want to try BBC while dressed like a sissy with my little dick is locked. I want to do this in front of a group of laughing dominant women. I want to suck his dick and take it anally, and have him c...


Wife's fantasy now reality

So my wife has a fantasy that involves watching me be fucked by another man. It is something that had always turned her on and something we have talked about in the past. So she finally got the nerve ...


In need for a confident


Im thinking about expose my gf pics o a old friend. Im not sure that he will be discreet but is part of the risk. Im not sure if i should do it but exposing her to a friend that knows her make me so h...


First time cocksucker?


My wife is out of town and a man that I met online wants me to suck his cock. This would be my first time sucking cock. Should I do it? 55 mwm here.


Can cum unless I think of my ex being fucked

I can't cum on my current gfs mouth while she blows me unless I'm imagining my ex being fucked by a few guys in front of me or being passed around a party. It's gotten to a point that I have to think ...