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wanker girlfriend


I posted how my demure ex gf had turned into a porn wanking slut. We regualrly repeated the time i first caught her wanking, and she dressed for it. I come home and find her fingering her cunt with he...


Being supportive

Sometimes when my husband thinks that he is unattractive, I show him a picture of UncleBull to make him feel more like a man.




My wife loves to fuck with a bull, I'm supposed to watch it and massage my cock. The bull cums in her pussy and I'm supposed to clean it up


My ex wife calls me


My ex wife calls me every two or three months and tells me everything she does with other guys. Last time she called she was very explicit telling me what she and some new guy did. But before she got ...


owned now


a bull learned my unaware wife's details. now he owns me and continually mind fucks me telling me he will contact her. he is training me to be my wife's sub and get her to want big dicks. he always...


wife exposed

I have exposed my unaware wife to a bull who learned her name and contact information. he now owns me and is training me to get her to be my Dom and cuck me. he makes me apologize for cumming to qui...


Hotwife is making me a sissy

My wife started cuckolding me 3 years ago on my birthday. She has a difficult time fining real Bulls, but she fills in by teasing and humiliating me when we are alone. At least 3 nights a week she mak...


Get the gas


My wife and I didn't have any money to get gas to go home. So I begged her uncle that was visiting and he said only if he gets a blowjob from my wife. I agreed and forced my wife to suck her uncles co...




I have been showing all my friends the naked pictures of my wife and have installed a hidden cam so they can watch on skype when we have sex we have sex according to friends now have big audience to...


Bed butt


Last night I woke up at about 1am after having been asleep. My wife was asleep next to me and I started to finger my butt hole. I didn’t orgasm but it did make my sissy dick get hard. My wife doesn...


Exposing the teacher

I expose my teacher wife at every opportunity. I take candid nudes of her and have persuaded her to pose for me. She thinks all the posed pics are deleted and has no idea how many candid nudes I have ...



I share pics on kik of my gf and ex gfs, was trading today and got one back of my little sister sucking 2 cock. Obviosly saved it


I may be in trouble…

Before I found this site I used to share pics of my wife with local guys on Grindr. Risky I know - but it was always faceless and I made up some personal details like hair colour etc. One of the guys ...




A guy I know boasted that he could seduce any woman he wanted - and married women were particularly easy. I told him my wife would never fall for his blatant chat-ups. He said that he'd take that bet ...




My wife's boyfriend is coming over today.