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Think my black co-worker wants to fuck my GF

We both work together at a bar, everytime my GF comes into work he always checks her out infront of me, always looks at her ass. He always tells me how beautiful she in a nice way. Ive seen his cock b...




i lived in bangladesh 🇧🇩 but i have a huge interest in african an canadian women…i could i fuck them…i masturbate everynight thinking of them


Full face sooner or later

I think there comes a time when you really want to expose your wife with full face, despite not thinking so earlier on. For me I feel this time has almost come and I will start showing with face inclu...


Tinder Wife


My wife has a tinder account and she fucks around a lot. Her shift is rotating every week, and whenever she goes outside its a girls night out. I followed her several times, but I love the fact...


Room for rent


That I let our lodger fuck my wife. He is a young black guy with 6'4 frame. I'm just 5'9ft and my wife is 5'1. She literally said, she wants to try him, being the good Samaritan I invited hi...


My dream

I dream that my wife let my friends and her lovers and friends take sexy images of her, and the only way for me to get them is to ask them with no context if they have sexy images of my wife. Never kn...


My strongest orgasm

I was laying in my wives lap, jerking off slowly my cock that was sticking through the zipper. I stopped or slowed down occasionally while my fully dressed wife had pulled up my shirt and played and p...




I fucked a bbc huge stud stranger and gave him meth. He made me to smoke too much. I did. I met him in twitter now he comes everytime And with meth he making me drug my sister to fuck her


2nd shift cuck 2

2nd shift cuck

If you read my last nights confession you will know who came over again. So my wife when I left was already in one of her nighties without a bra or panties under. She had me eat her out before i left ...


Long Distance Relationship


I having long distance relationships and my gf wont give any nude pic if her so i used my ex nude pic to masturbate


Adult Club

My girlfriend she went out of state to do her graduate work. We where apart for about 8 weeks in the summer and she was lonely. She went to a local kink club and got tempted by one of the doms. She we...



I'm sitting here at my desk right now horny, but instead of imagining pussy and boobs...Im imagining being on my knees having my ass railed by a big thick penis. Id rather be fucked while I watch my f...


Another event without me


Wife has another work event tonight which she will attend without me. She went to buy a special dress for this occasion earlier today - super low cut, and super high slit - definitely no bra, and I wo...


Truly indian cuck


My wife and I met when we were in school, I was 19, she was 18. She dumped her then bf to be with me, he was a macho handsome big built guy who loved fooling around with other girls. He was also a gy...


Bi closet

No one knows this about me but since an early age I’ve loved being dominated. I’ve now become a closet sissy for a married man and my gf has no idea. I always feel guilty but I crave him using me....