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When I met my second wife, she said she had a couple of dates with other guys she had been dating. She said as we were moving in together, she would cancel the dates.. I insisted that I was fine wit...


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Last month my wife got her nipples done at a dodgy biker bar. And, she has a checkup every month for the next few months at least. She just had her first checkup. So, she confessed that she got the...


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I can only cum for black cocks. I dont know when was the last time I jerked to porn with a white cock in... I am straight but just love to see a huge black cock fuck a white girl like she deserves it....


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wife (34) and i (42) like to invite a single man for threesomes, couple times a month. one of the last times while the two of them were laying on top of each other and making out the man slips inside...


Friendly Boss


My wife got a new boss and they became fast friends, talking to each other for hours on the phone. She would say it was 'just work' but there was lots of personal stuff, including his dating experienc...


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annie went with me and my boss to a conference back 6 months ago and he found out annie is dating ablack friend of ours.. we all got pretty wasted and 1 night after dinner ended up in his room..she g...




I have a friend who has a sister who is 4 years younger than him. She is very sexy and is usually in only her underwear at home in her room. I would sneakily peek into her room when my friend is busy ...


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My Black Bestfriend gave me a coupon for a 1 hour oil massage at a parlor of his friend and told me to gift my sexy wife as she will enjoy it. So, i took my wife for it 2 weeks back. After massage she...


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My wife have been dating a mature man for some weeks, eventually they finally had sex and since they kept fucking many times, but he doesn't know she is married. When we first talked about cuckolding ...


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Went to a sandals for short vacation. Paddled out to a private island they have where nudity is allowed. We did not go nude but swam in pool there. While there, a tan guy in his early 60’s (?) sta...


"Our little secret"


My ex wife and I remained friends. She moved in with a close friend. It was awkward. We worked together in a band. She is smart and beautiful redhead. Last January we met at their place for band busin...


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