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Im looking for the username Sddd from the Cuck Chat, if you see this or someone knows how to contact him please leave a message


Aware but want more

My gf is aware of my desires, but she is too monogamous to go through with anything. I was her first and only, but I dream of her getting fucked in every possible way by any man who wants her. She all...


Unaware cuckold


I was so unfulfilling of my wife’s needs that she was forced to start a twenty year affair with a family acquaintance, for half of our forty year marriage. I only just found out last year.


Cuked again

My wife went on a cruise to the Bahamas, she laid down on a beach and a black young man walked by and asked her to take her into the water and make her feel really good. My wife looked at her girlfrie...




Long time ago I show my dirty ex gf's pics to many bull here without any permission, and she discovered me 1 week ago,what should I do ?


Erotic doodler

Just wondering if anyone knows how to get in touch with this Master artist? Shared a pic he had made of wife and i with her that she really loved! He was going to add something in for us right before...



I want to have someone look at my wife's dirty pics as he pulls me down to suck on him. i will so embarrassing to give a blowjob as he uses my mouth like my wifes pussy.




Even though my wife cucks me often I find guys to suck regular...I love the feeling I get when they cum..I hold their cum in my mouth for a minute to savor the taste. Some days I will suck more than 1...


Just now

So my wife just text me that she is horny and there are two very attractive dark black studs who keep smiling at her. I told her to play with it and see where it goes. It’d be a good opportunity to ...


GF humiliated me with her friends

Yesterday my GF invited at home her 2 best female Friends. She started talking about sex. What are my sizes, how often we do that Well, She also told em i dont last enough to satisfy her... now a...


The black dildo


My wife and I were having sex when she mentioned that she wanted be to buy a big dildo to fuck her with. That she wanted to make me watch her fuck it. I showed her a white one and a black one ..she ch...


A blooming fantasy

Brian D

Last summer, despite my opinion, my wife wore a skimpy bikini to a company party. The owner of my company hosted the party at his house and his 20 year old entitled son wouldn’t keep his eyes off he...


The Ultimate Goal

My Mistress wants me to have a tiny, 1 inch, useless cock. I currently have a 1.5 inch locked cock and I'm 100% impotent.


I sent her to him


I knew he was her type and that she is every guys type. I knew that by letting her go to the party she would get drunk and that he would flirt with her non stop. I knew that by the end of the night da...


Lucky Guy

Was at a bar the weekend with my wife she was weary a very short dress the guy across the bar could see right up her dress my wife was tipsy and completely unaware that this guy could see right up her...