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Shared Christian crush around

Ebiboi2 kiq

I tried to stop but whenever I got horny I'd let men jerk over my Christian crush and cum on her pics or talk filthy stuff about her. Even got close to revealing too much... feel wrong


Baring my wife


I used to have a private office. I went to an online swingers site and invited local men to come to my office where I gave them control of my very pretty wife's naked pictures. I loved the way the...


Sent wife to vegas


I sent my wife to Vegas with a single girl friend. Helps her pack her sexiest outfits. She has b en sending me pics. She says she will flirt and stuff but not sleep with a guy. Too bad.


Learning to share my wife, and manifesting a hot big coco’s laid back fuck buddy who can pound.

I love my wife so much, she’s my ultimate fantasy, I think about her nonstop all day every day. I fantasize, I dream, I try to manifest a guy she finds hot with a big dick taking my wife in a semi d...




This is cool never saw nothing like this before. Still learning



My gf cheated on me and showed me videos , got pregnant and we broke up , we are now back together.


Webcam jerkoff


I love to jerk off on webcam at omegle, dirtyroulette etc... Just love to be watched. My wife don`t know.


Sister in Law-Part 2


As suggested by a reader of my earlier post, where I stated that I was going to seduce my sister-in-law, I asked her if she could "kiss and not tell". she replied "yes"and kissed me like I haven't bee...


Some background info


Over and above the regular updates of my wife's flirtations with other men, I thought I should give you some insight into our everyday life. Our marriage is what I would classify as a female led relat...




I'm a gay cuck and love watching my bf getting fucked and clean his ass, after bull cums in him.


I'm gay

And now I have monkeypox


No cucking today

2nd shift cuck

So today was a little different from the last 2 days. I fully expected my wife to cuck me but she said when I got home late due to a client getting physical and had to wait for his dad to get there. ...


I have been turned out by wifes bull.


bull wants me to start licking his ass

he says while hes fucking my wife missionary he wants me to come up behind him and lick his ass. he says if i dont do this he will whoop my ass infront of my wife. what should i do?


I let my husband think that our first bull was 1st guy I fucked since we started dating


I fucked a guy recently after my husband asked me to be his hotwife. I acted dumb and pretended I had no idea what one was. In reality I've not really stopped fucking around since we started dating...