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i catfish people as my xgirlfriend pretty often. not for money or anything. just because i get off on people thinking she’s this massive slut who sends nudes to anyone


Gf going further

My girlfriend confessed to me that a guy i found for her to fuck a few months back has been texting her , he used to ask me first but has obviosly stopped now. She told me they vidio call and he gets...


Wife's a slut


My wife has been f****** other guys since we've been married she admitted to her first affair about 4 years after we got married she didn't want to hide it anymore since then there's been seven other ...



My birthday in a few weeks. She said she will wear a skimpy top out. Ive asked her to cuck me. She said never for real. But she says she will wear a top with her tits bulging out and flirt. Will my bi...


Happy wedding

I Had my wedding the last saturday and I Had to take my bestman at home thé sunday's night. We were all drunk and I enjoyed see them fuck. Even More when he bred her

Loser for dom males

My wife doesn‘t want to make me her cucky. To still feel being a cuckold I met a guy online and we met in real life. We become good friends and I told him all about that. He laughed and asked me to...


sexual wife


My wife has sex with her bf 2-3 times a week, and i just let it happen


wifes and bulls butler

Since my wife found a perfect lover for her, she started calling him nick names. They both acted like gf and bf. They met on a regular base, having dates and a lot of sex. A few weeks ago we three ha...



wife is not on the pill since we are planning to have a kid, so when we invite our bull he wears condoms. i have a secret desire for the bull to start going bareback with the wife so that when she bec...


Wasnt prepared


Wife and i have been having fun for the past few months with a few different bulls. Now she tells me she wants to go unprotected.... and it seams i have no say in the matter.....



I like to use a dildo on my wife and pretend it is another man I am watching her with. I have been trying very hard to get her to either cuckhold me or do a threesum. Either way I can't get the image ...


gf used

i can't help but show off my gfs nudes and watch guys stroke and cum over her intimate pics and vids. thousands of pics and vids and hundred of cumshots on her


What’s wrong with me


My sexy wife is in bed with me. Wearing nothing but a thong, and I’m here on CC.


owned girlfriend


I am virtually submissive to a man. He owns my girlfriend completely. He has all her nudes while I am not allowed to keep them. He knows her full name and he has her Facebook. He also knows her phone ...


Do it

I want someone to message my unaware wife and tell her how much they like her big tits.