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Exposing Wife


I expose my wife on here hoping that peooke will contact me saying they know her, i get off on the idea of guys wanking to her pictures that know her and shes unaware !


Testosterone is a cure to cucks mindset?

I haven't see any web talking about how testosterone affects mind in perceiving cuckolding events. But something certainly change in me by my changed habits with the intention to boost my testosteron...


Young fiancee

I have posted pics and vids of my young fiancee here (no face though), and now they have already been uploaded to other sites. But more and more I find myself wanting to fully expose her like a true s...


In the family

I stroke my cock to pictures of my partner's sister whilst imagining I'm going to breed her...


Degraded her


I really wanna see a group of black lads cum on my wifes 36e tits and face as they laugh at her and call her a stupid slut. They leave and let me clean her up



Attending to my ex-girlfriend wedding was satisfying. Remembering what we did together, I kind of felt like just cuckolded her husband.


I share my elder sister panties with my friend


Wife mocks me to her friends


My wife asked me for a dick pic the other day out of nowhere (first time in over a year). Yesterday I peeked at her girls group chat notifications while she was in the shower and saw that she was just...


bbw wife

Pretty sure my fat wife's bull is selling her body and she is letting him. I asked her about it, embarrassed she said no, asked me if I'd want him to do that... I said yes.



I'm a fluffer for my wife's bulls. Didnt like the idea but went along with it. But now I like it. Does this make me gay or just an obedient husband?


Committed to my wife

My wife confessed that she wants to be a hotwife. I was completely against it and thought she was cheating on me. My wife looked at me and told me very sternly that she has never cheated on me but she...


BBC Obsessed

I'm so obsessed with black cock. I want my wife and i to be the couple who holds the world record for biggest black gangbang and black cum swallowed.


BBC Gloryhole

I can't shake the fantasy i have of going to an arranged black cock only glory hole and watching my wife suck a ton of black cock until they were ready to cum and then she would shove their cocks in h...


Wife Cuckolding

This is definitely different but I hope its not too off themed for this site..... I'm a bi male and my wife is aware. I've always been faithful to her though. So I confessed to her that I wanted t...


Online show

Bi Fiancee

As we are not meeting anyone for coming up to a year, I have started arranging video shows online of my fiancee fucking other men. These are private Videos she doesn't want shown but I'm arranging tim...