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Panties in public


I went to a public bathroom urinal and pulled my pants down to my ankles but left my panties up for anyone who walked in to see. One man came in and saw me, paused, laughed and then went to a stall.

Fight Fantasy


Have fantasy of fighting another man nude over a woman. Would be primal and intense being exposed like that and seeing who is the better man physically.


I love my Husband but I Love BBC More.....

Cindy A*****

I love my husband. My husband is the light of my life. We have a strong marriage that has born us lovely kids. For the past couple of months though, something has been creeping into my marriage. He wa...


Sell myself

I meet a old guy twice a week, i pretend to be his 12 yo son and he makes me suck his cock, slaps my ass and fucks me, i get £30 "spending money" every time. Hes gross and so is his cock and his cum...


Friday Night Fucking


Every Friday night my 50 yr old wife's friend (32) comes over to our house. We drink, she dresses up in heels and something really slutty, we drink more and then we take turns fucking her and we take ...


Petite pregnant hotwife

I let my younger 24 year old brother raw dog pound my young pregnant hotwifes mouth and pussy whenever he pleased the entire pregnancy he loved her wet pregnant pussy and she loved her younger hungrie...


Diapered and fucked at the bar

John stone

Wife and her bull made me go to the sex bar in just a diaper and tank top saying bottom bitch, a big burly biker pulled me into his lap and fucked me all night. Think im getting addicted to being a di...


Girlfriend,s black co worker

Frankie ono

I copied my girlfriend's contact s while she was in the shower. One specifically her black coworker that she hired to do some work at our house. For years i have been trying to get her to fuck a black...


to horny to resist

I hooked up with my older sister's boyfriend while she was on a vacation with her friends. Got dressed up in her sexy lingerie, heels and let her bf pound my boi hole until he came inside me



I love bbc so much. I think about it everyday and want to suck one so bad.


Caged and fucked.

Sam smith

Today my bull came over with a pink chastity cage, with little protest i was made to put it on, he bought a bunch of dildos and dresses and the like...have i gone to far or should i submit to a real m...


Broken keys

John stone

This morning as my wife bull was fucking me he broke my chastity keys in the lock, called me his sissy diaper cuck before diapering me and sending me off to work, his cum has been leaking out since 5 ...


My wife exposed to all

When reading some other case like mine, I have decided to confess it. I began to expose my wife naked, although with a shaved face, but little by little curiosity and fever made me show her face in a ...



I bought my wife a large thrusting and vibrating dildo. I used it on her and went to fuck her and she said “no, this one works better.” I blew a huge load and sat there and watch her finished. Sh...


4th of July wife bikini


On the 4th of July I had a barbeque and on purpose invited mostly single older guys including some of her co-workers. I had her hang out in her string flag bikini and it made me hard knowing that othe...