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Corrupting sister in law, pt2

Master of puppets

Using my good relation with her parents, she started to go out in the night with me and my extended group of friends, also going out with her friends, I manipulated her into fucking some of my close f...

Corrupting sister in law, pt1

Master of puppets

When dating my ex-wife her 3 years younger sister used to come along as 3rd wheel, imposed by her mother, obvious it did not work with me and my ex fucking like rabbits. I ended talking more with her ...


Selling posters and calendars


My girlfriend did a boudoir shoot 2 years ago. We got some printed copies of the pictures too and put it up in the bedroom and my studyroom at home. But I also put a few on a market site and now I'm s...


It's possible?

My biggest fantasy is that my girlfriend is fucked by my father and his friend, but is it possible to fulfill it or do I give up this fantasy?




Shared my girlfriend with 13 big dick shemales so far She is 22


Unable to orgasm

Cuck Asian

Its been a while since I last fucked my wife in March. She has been so cold to me in terms of sex and we quarrel a lot. Usually I can cum by watching porn like cuckold sessions, but it wont do these d...


I really want to fuck a white women with my big black dick


Morden woman lover


I want to have sex whit someones wife or a mother right now im really really Horney right now 🫣


Wife’s secret


I got my wife to kiss my friend , the kiss was pretty poor to be truthful , later I was in the lounge talking to his wife and the kitchen door was closed , I’ve always suspected her and him got it o...


Ginger’s first?

I am goin to set up a bull to seduce and fuck my wife on our Hawaiian vacation. I have convinced her to get sexier bikinis and clothes as I know dressing sexy makes her horny. I will not fuck her bu...

Cuck Fantasy

Have a nasty fantasy, where I catch my short Spanish girlfriend fucking a tall Spanish dyke that’s strapped on & fucking her doggystyle with a big black dick.. Meanwhile my girlfriend is sucking two...


Sucking and showing


I've been sucking guys in my car while they hold my cellphone and watch everything I have of my wife... She doesn't know that I do this... I know it's very dangerous but I'm addicted to it


Mechanical bull

I made my wife to ride a bull machine without her inners, even I was not able to control myself cumming by seeing her whole body jiggling around with her D cup boobs almost popping out. I saw all the ...


Showed ex's pics to old men

SL Cuck Wannabe

I went on to a cam site and couldn't help myself from showing my ex's pics (faceless+ clothed) to old men. I loved watching them jerk off to her and tell me what they wanna do to her... I'm still i...