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So I have been trying to convince my Mrs into having a threesome and hopefully if she enjoys it we can take it a little further if she is comfortable with the idea but it is taking quite some time so ...


Flashing wife’s sister

Last year we went on vacations with my wife’s sister and her boyfriend. In that week I’ve been flashing her my dick in multiple situations. After shower I sat with only a towel around my waist, fo...


Shop Slut


I’ve sent naked photos of my unaware wife to a guy in another country, and now he wants to print them and hang them in his shop, to motivate his employees. The photos show my wife while sucking me, ...


Football studs

My wife got horny watching Monday night football last night. She didn't come out and say it directly, but she was asking how tall the players were, and commenting how big and powerful they were. I ...


Selfish wife


My wife fucked a young guy and was meant to send me pictures and videos , I didn’t get any . We also agreed she wouldn’t swallow or do anal , she did both. Now she says she doesn’t want to d...


Sex Dolls


I would like to see a section on the site where we can share pics and have chat about being cuckolds to our sex dolls. Not all of us can get or want a woman. Sex dolls these days are incredible. I lov...


Sharing with the Roomates


I Confess... I've been leaving little presents for the roomates. Leaving her nudes open, full screen on my laptop in the living room while I go to do other things. I know they've seen them by now a...




So update, my husband and I decide to invite a stranger we met online, it'll be a threesome but the thought of watching him with another girl is driving me wild! We plan for it to happen at our pla...


Wife with does not like cuckold


What if my wife does not like the idea of cuckolding? What do I do? Please help



We bought a vibrator. She gets so wet. Then i put my cock in her pussy. She barely feels. I cum after 30 seconds. She say good boy. Ypuve such a little dick. Will she cuck me in time. I want it so bad...


want my wife to be loved


I just really would enjoy if my wife wanted to get naked and have fun with another man. She can throw some dominating in if she wants but that would be up to her, well all of it would but I think im f...


What should I do?

With ED issues, am I wrong to want my beautiful wife to continue to enjoy a strong and useful erection from other men instead of my disappointing limp excuse of an erection? What should I do?


Secretly pimping GF


My gf and I have already talked about sharing her in a threesome, but what she doesn't know is I want to go further. I want to get her to the point where she will fuck whoever I tell her to fuck so th...


secret chat


recently I started chatting secretly to find a big cock who "accidentaly" contacts her and seduces her..


Face Pictures

I cannot stop showing my wife nude with face, it's all i think about. After I cum I really feel guilty but i always come back for more. Is there any way to get rid of the guilt?? For reference shes...