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Needs cum and dick

I really need a few guys fuck my chick cum In her so I can eat her out that way and this way when I go to fuck her she all lubed up ready for me to fuck I think she’s fucking other guys I love to ea...


Oily Massage

I offer my wife a massage which she loves. While she is naked and I am rubbing her everywhere, I open Flingster, a random video chat website, and show my wife's body to random guys jerking off. It is ...

Wife Pissing

We had been out at a friends house most of the day for a summer BBQ, and my wife got very drunk. On the way home, it was still light and she really needed to pee while we were on a busy road. I pulled...


I am so conflicted - HELP


My wife is out of town tonight attending a business conference. She is smart and well-known among this group of mostly men, including a guy I am sure she had a fling with a few years ago. She arranged...


cucked for a couple of months

that i had taken her phone and sent to her alpha some of her nude photos to see how he is reacted..they dont know that i know for them..



My girlfriend told me she wants to start fucking other people because I struggle to stay hard. I feel conflicted, I wanted her to do it because I wanted to be the one who brings it up and has semi-con...



When I fuck my wife and feel my cock is not hard enough for her, I imagine that her pussy is lubricated with another man's cum. This thought makes me SO HARD and she starts moaning without knowing wha...



I got my unaware wife an ankle bracelet and now she gets hit on more. She has no clue tge bracelet represents a hotwife and i love it. The extra attention shes getting is hot


Best friend working away

Best friend is working away... he now has three photos of my wife topless with face on his phone that i sent him. Hope he enjoys them enough to try the real deal when he returns!


Fun at Lenox Mall

Jack Often

A while back, I took my petite long red haired 34C wife shopping at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. We went into a trendy dress shop with fairly loud music playing. As she wore no bra that day, I asked her to ...


found a video of my wife fucking when young

i found this old video of her fucking some guy, cant help myself, is so hot, love watching it and jerking off to it.

miss being a cuckold

A few weeks ago my gf and I had a little problem with one of our bulls, we ended up saying that we would leave the lifestyle behind, but honestly I regreted it like 2 days after that, I don't think I ...


Get help

Fairly Normal Person

This place is riddled with brainwashed sexists & racists, if you are a "cuckhold", please get help and save yourself.


That I just stuck a banana up my boi pussy, it was over 7”


Selfsucking while watching ex vids

When I was with my ex I used to suck my cock with her while she told me fantasies about her sucking other guys. Now I selfsuck while watching videos of her