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showing for a friend

My wife put on a sexy skype show for a friend of mine. He thinks I don't know but I was watching her from the other side of the room.



Cuck husband

I have taken several vids of my wife showering. She’s only 23yo and got a great body. What I haven’t told her is that I’m sharing her vids with my office colleague. I didn’t realize though tha...




I met my high school bully at a wedding party, he was pretty chill this time and we had a good chat. We shared numbers and started chatting few times a week, also started to hangout. One day I decided...


Unaware Wife

I cant stop sharing my unaware wifes cum covered face and tits for everyone to see. So fucking nervous that she'll find out and get divorced, jailed, sued, etc.. but i cant fucking stop


Beach time

Once me & my GF went to a nude beach, it was our first time there and very exhilarating watching all the beautiful nude couples. She was in her 2 piece bikini and looked sooo sexy. After a while we no...


Can't stop thinking about my fantasy

I can't stop thinking about my cuckold fantasy everyday, I want my wife to have a steady boyfriend so they can fuck in our bedroom with the door closed while I cook and clean the house, I want her to ...


The wifes dirty show.

A few years back my wife went to a friends hen party where she volunteered to join the stripper as part of his show. She ended up stripping naked and fucking him in front of her cheering friends. He f...


To being shit at sex


I confess that I’m bad at sex… I blow in 2 mins on a good day. I’ve had the wife sigh very loudly after a unsatisfying 2 mins of sex… Some days I’m a 2 pump chump, no wonder she doesn’...


Domination Addict

Dominator !

I've been into cuckoldism and hot wives for years , enjoyed tons of sexy wives in many ways ( real life, chat , live shows , pics and vids , dice games .. ) But about two years ago , started to dom c...


I think my wife lost interest

Ive had ED for over a year, I can only get hard by taking viagra. Obviously its affected our sex life, and I believe my wife is frustrated. So now the property that rent is up for sale and we need t...


not so unaware wife

My friends and I show dirty pictures of our wives to each other. They think my wife doesn't know but she does. She likes to hear the dirty things they say about her and she masturbates while i tell he...


Showing wife

I shared pics and vids of my wife with my neighbor. I also skyped with him while my wife and I were having sex. She was unaware. I also set it up so he could stand on a small platform behind our house...


Work thing

Nothing extraordinary happened or is going to happen, but I had to articulate it somewhere. We’re getting ready for a work event (we work the same job), wife tried on some unassuming dress and OH GO...


Older bull

My wifes first bull Because of him I have developed a love for cum He fucks my wife bareback and I am forced to clean his cock and my wife pussy clean I am also caged And on Sunday morning I ...

My wife’s dildo

So firstly I can get my hand around my dick, (tip of the thumb to back of the nail of the index finger. Her dildos? Add up to the width of my other index and middle finger for the last eat one used an...